Part of the comments on Mr. Takeda’s works on a fine-art magazine `Geijutsu Kohron’ May, 2003
  1. I love Mr. Takeda’s works. They are wonderful, so powerful. It looks like the light comes straight from the book into our minds. They cannot be painted only with skill. He is a great artist.(an office clerk, ex-artist)
  2. Mr. Takeda’s works are amazing. The beauty and mystery of `Earth with shining Love’ are beyond description. I see an angel in this work. I see angels in some other works, too.(an office clerk)
  3. Mr. Takeda’s works are wonderful as truly healing art. I am grateful to the magazine for giving me a chance to see his works. I was taken a back for a while. (working for security company)
  4. I see a light of peace. I was so impressed by the world of love, beauty and light! I can tell by looking at `Love and Earth’ that the artist hopes fir peace from the bottom of his heart.(a student)
  5. I have never seen such a beautiful painting. Ikuo Takeda is great! I cannot express how wonderful they are just by using the words `wonderful’ or `fascinated’. (an office clerk)
  6. Just great! Mr. Takeda is a ` giant of beauty’. (an office clerk)
  7. I have never seen such divine works. His works belong to the same genre as Mr. T, whose work was once on the cover, but Mr. Takeda’s are far diviner than his. I want see them again. (a part-time worker)
  8. Thank you very much for the sensation from Mr. Takeda’s works. An ordinary artist cannot create such works. I think he paints with true heart and divinity. (a teacher)
  9. Mr. Takeda’s works are wonderful. I never knew an artist with such paintings. (an office clerk graduated from fine-art university)
  10. ` Shining of Progress and Prosperity’----- I felt infinite power.
    ` Silent Buddha A, B’----- I felt the Buddha looking into my mind silently. They are `light-dimensional paintings’. (a worker for JR)
  11. When I look at the index of the magazine, I found the words ` The world of love, beauty and light’. I was attracted by the words , and when I saw the page , I was so surprised! I have never seen such brilliant paintings before. (an independent manager)
  12. ` True Progress, Infinite Love’----- fascinated!! Mr. Takeda’s works are mysterious and beautiful. I want to see his work in a number of magazines. (a hostess)
  13. I have not seen such good artists these days, but I was surprised at Mr. Takeda’s works. He is a genuine artist. He is beyond human. (an executive)